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Global distributor of all metals and alloys in standard and off-the-wall dimensions. Offering any type of alloy, size, and shape.


Over 100 years of experience in the market worldwide and improving with the evolving technology and quality.


State-of-the-art technology to develop many different shapes and forms with excellent quality and finishes.


Celebrating Our 45th Anniversary.

Established in 1978, we continue improving our business to offer better quality products and services to each and every single customer worldwide.

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Our History

Upon returning from the Vietnam War, Thomas Paul Klocker (“Tom”) was hired at Chase Brass & Copper Company in Cleveland, Ohio, and worked there for several years, becoming the company’s top inside salesman nationwide. Seeing an opportunity where he could supply not only brass and copper, Tom realized he could put his business skills and metals knowledge to use – selling all metals, especially hard-to-find metals, and specializing in emergency orders.

Tom incorporated his business as Midwest Metals, Inc. in 1978 with the State of Ohio and has been successfully operating for over 45 years. The success of Midwest Metals, Inc. has grown steadily over the last four decades from the hard work of Tom, his sales staff, and the company’s determination to assist customers from a wide range of industries on an international level.

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Midwest Metals, Inc. has been serving the following industries for over four decades.
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